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About me

My long and rewarding journey with holistic health started with my full recovery from a long term illness through the use of Shiatsu, Acupuncture and Homeopathy as well as through understanding myself through deep self reflection.

From a child I had always believed in a power greater than me that would help me heal, I was aware of areas and points in my body that felt 'blocked' or painful, I became curious about the relationship of my body's health to my emotional state.

Shiatsu offered me some answers to my questions, I started my three year training as a professional Shiatsu therapist in 1996 in Ireland with the European Shiatsu School. I set up a practise in Galway which led to teaching Shiatsu and starting my own school of Shiatsu (ESS branch) in 2007.


I enjoy supporting people through their own self development and teaching the Taoist concepts that inform Shiatsu theory and practice.
I am very interested in the anatomy of the human body and how energy (QI) moves and expresses itself.


Fluid movement and dance have always been an important truth to me so further studies in Movement Shiatsu offered new understandings into the physical / emotional expressions of movement that can become impeded, offering us a language to find healing and integration.

In the past few years I am enjoying a new modality of healing – Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, I studied with Body Intelligence, an International school. The cross over between this amazing practise and shiatsu offers plenty of hours of enquiry.

I have also completed a Yoga teacher training in Ireland, and I am now furthering my enquiry of yoga with the work of Vanda Scareavelli, which I find integrates beautifully with my other work. Currently I am undergoing a training in Watsu therapy with the intention of being able to offer this profound warm water therapy in Portugal at my therapy centre.

After many years of parenting my daughter in Ireland, I took a leap of faith to start a challenging, yet exciting project in Central Portugal-to create an ecological healing retreat centre in the beautiful rustic mountains of the Serra da Estrela, it is called Vale of the Stars (
It’s a privilege to offer healing and sanctuary in this tranquil and beautiful environment.

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