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Shiatsu é uma terapia de trabalho corporal profundamente eficaz e relaxante com as suas raízes na medicina oriental. Usando o toque focado nos canais de energia e pontos de acupressão, estimula e equilibra o corpo para promover a saúde e a cura. O Shiatsu pode ser praticado num futon através de roupas, ou se preferir num plymph. Um histórico de caso é realizado na primeira visita.


Shiatsu alivia:

  • Pescoço, costas e dôr nas articulações

  • Artrite

  • Stress e ansiedade

  • Insônia

  • Depressão

  • Dores de cabeça / enxaqueca

  • Distúrbios digestivos

  • Distúrbios respiratórios

  • Problemas menstruais

  • Energia baixa

Usando uma variedade de técnicas, o shiatsu trabalha com as articulações e músculos, liberando o stress e tensão para promover a liberdade de movimento e o aumento de energia.

What can I expect in the session?

After an initial consultation to gain information on the physical, psychological, emotional health of the receiver, I will get a sense of the needs of the client and the type of treatment I will offer. I can use different methods of diagnosis :


  • Zen Hara Diagnosis – Gentle palpation of the abdomen to acertain the qualities of the meridians.

  • 5 elements (Oriental Medicine) to get a sense of the elements that are most out of balance.

  •  TCM - Traditional Oriental Medicine methods to assess Zang / Fu pathologies within the individual.


Movement Shiatsu - I am guided by physical challenges within the body of the client to assess where the blocked energy pathways (meridians) are limited in their expression of movement, these issues correlate to general emotional state of the client.

How I work

In my treatments I like to work directly on the Qi in the meridians (energy channels), contacting these channels with my palms, thumbs, fingers, forearms, and occasionally knees and elbows. My initial contact informs me of the Qi vitality within the body, for example if the client presents as being low in energy or unwell I will work lightly and supportively (slow holds and deep connections), alternatively, if the clients presents with lots of vitality, I may work dynamically paying attention to the mobility of the joints, opening and stretching out the limbs to open the relevant channels and move the Qi in the muscles. The treatment is about following the needs of the individual and sometimes prompting them to find the truth about their physical experience, using the breath and feeling into a particular area that has been drawn to my attention or their's. There will be time at the end to discuss issues that arise. Expect to feel deeply relaxed, calm and energised from the session.

The first session takes 1and a half hours, the follow up sessions are approximately 1 hour.

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